Medieval Tournament of Champions

Medieval Tournament of Champions

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A medieval tournament - four events in which two teams will compete for victory! Spread this out by playing one event each week for a month, or make it an event to kick off your night! It works best played with 2 teams of 4 people, but you can play any way you want. You'll need to prep, and gather or purchase a few supplies ahead of time. It's so fun!
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Hear ye, hear ye! An epic battle of medieval proportions - four events in which two teams will compete for victory!


How to Play: You can use this resource HOWEVER you want - that’s the best part! It’s broken into 4 different events between competing teams, so you can choose just 1 event every week for a month if you’re looking to play a game during your service or play all 4 if you want to use it as an event to kick off your night! OR just one occasionally, your students will LOVE to hear the trumpets sound and the kickoff of the games whenever the motion bumper video begins.


After each event description, there is a section called “Ye Olde Next Level.” This is for those of you who would like to go above and beyond and make this event even more epic! Overall, any costumes, medieval music, and willingness to talk in crazy, over-the-top accents will make this really fun!


Participants: It works best played with 2 teams of 4 students each but is totally flexible to adjust as you see fit. Once you have your teams, have each team decide who they will send to compete in each event of the tournament. The team with the most wins at the end of the tournament will be crowned lord and lady champions of the realm!


Prep and Supplies Needed: This game/event requires a bit of prep beforehand and supplies, and you can scale it to match your budget! Many of the supplies you may already have on hand, and the entire event can be played with minimal purchases


Supplies include a couple rolling office chairs, three pool noodles, duct tape, two large mugs, six ping pong balls, two empty pizza boxes, a bow or foam finger rocket, two rotisserie chickens, and about a liter of mountain dew. Optional supplies include some PVC pipe, eye protection, costumes, spray paint, and a grabber tool.


This Resource Includes:

  • How to Play Leader Guide (Word Doc)
  • Intro Video (0:15) (mp4)
  • Event Videos, one for Each Event (mp4)
    • Desk Chair Jousting (0:12)
    • Archery Skill Shot (0:12)
    • Sword and Shield (0:14)
    • Battle Feast (0:14)
  • Round Videos (3 Round, 0:11 each, mp4)
  • Additional Videos (mp4)
    • Battle Feast Countdown (1:04) 
    • Your Champions (0:23)
  • Supplies list and links for possible purchases (bow, foam finger rocket, etc) (Word Doc)
  • Instagram Promotional Graphics for Story and Square (jpg)
  • Title (jpg)




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