Me, Myself, & Ice Cream

Me, Myself, & Ice Cream

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In Me, Myself, & Ice Cream, the goal is for one person from a row to answer questions the way they think their row would answer. Whichever row gets more answers that match, wins ice cream for their row!


In "Me, Myself, & Ice Cream," two rows go head-to-head by each electing a representative, filling out a survey as a group, and then having the representative answer the on-screen questions based on what they think their row answered. The representative with the most answers that match their row's answers wins ice cream for their row!

There are several different ways to play included to get everyone in the crowd involved and includes a bonus round with a chance for a representative to win ice cream for everyone.

This game could easily be used alongside a message about selflessness or serving!

Note: This game is also included in "Metamorphosis" by Sabrina!

This Resource Includes:
• Gameplay instructions document (Word file)
• Gameplay row surveys (Word file)
• 3 Complete Powerpoint game files
• Individual gameplay slides for each game version (jpeg files)
• Title slide, blank slide (for customization), and instruction slides (jpeg files)
• Motion title video (mp4 file)


Sabrina Hadro

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