Manger Things

Manger Things

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It is a set of 3 Christmas games (plus bonus sermon graphics) with the look and feel of the Netflix hit series, "Stranger Things"


These 3 Games and Intro Videos and Sermon Slide backgrounds are a cool play on the Netflix hit series Stranger Things. Use the whole resource to build a Christmas series with the games and sermon slides or skip the graphics and add one or two of these games to your program!

This Resource Includes:

3 Manger Things games
• Christmas Trivia: True or False (contestants or teams must decide if the sentence on the screen is Christmas fact or Christmas fiction)
• Manger Scene Scrambled Words (contestants or teams race to unscramble the Christmas word on the screen)
• Crowd Charades: Manger Theme (contestants must guess the answer as the ENTIRE audience acts it out silently!)

Each game contains:
• A video intro
• PowerPoint and Keynote versions
• Individual Slides

This bundle also includes a set of “Manger Things” Sermon Graphics
• background slide
• title slide
• Intro video
• Document on sermon ideas


Anthony Taylor