Man-Made Guys Retreat

Man-Made Guys Retreat

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A 4-lesson guys retreat or series


This generation of teenage boys is in danger of not knowing how to be men. This series of projects and devotionals is aimed at two main purposes. Number one is getting a video-game generation off their butts and preparing them for the real world and two, helping them to become the man that God intends for them to be someday. Part of being a man who is created in God's image includes His creative - working on stuff and getting your hands dirty. Everyone I know of experiences a certain amount of satisfaction and pride when they look at something they just accomplished or built, including God. Genesis 1:31 says, "God saw all that he had made, and it was very good..."

This 4-week study or ready to go retreat material will help you to teach them how to work on and finish small projects while learning to be Godly men.

Week 1 - "Grilling"
Main Thought: Appearances are not what they seem

Week 2 - "Catapults"
Main Thought: Life under siege

Main Thought: The lure of sin

Main Thought: Being flexible in evangelism but sturdy in faith

Joshua Windeler