Love Song or Worship Song 2

Love Song or Worship Song 2

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Are you positive those lyrics are about God? Part two of the best-selling game!


The best-selling Download Youth Ministry game is back at it again with a hilarious brand-new batch of lyrics that will have your students scratching their heads and wondering, “Is this song about a bae or God?” This time we have songs from The Spice Girls, Hillsong United, Casting Crowns, and even The Backstreet Boys! Harry or Holy Spirit? You decide!

This game can be played in a number of inventive ways:
1. Up-front game with a few contestants.
2. Group game (at a table) in which groups of 3-6 students compete against each other.
3. Crowd game in which everyone plays and the first one to raise their hand gets to answer.

What’s included:
PowerPoint version of the game
27 JPEG slides: title slide, 13 question slides, 13 answer slides

Colton Harker