Love Out Loud

Love Out Loud

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Total camp or retreat curriculum package


Camps and retreats can be some the most impactful tools available to youth workers. For centuries, God has used camps and retreats to change countless lives. "Love Out Loud" is a total camp or retreat curriculum package that can be used and customized to suit your needs. It is laid out in a full 5-day (Monday-Friday) format including 8 large group gatherings.

The package includes:
  • Book (46 pages including daily small group devotionals and pages for large group session notes)
  • Sermon Notes (for all 8 large group sessions)
  • Schedule (totally customizable for your needs)
  • T-shirt Graphic (front & back)
  • Name Tag design
  • Prayer Night Guide (to be used as one of the "late night" events)
  • Content Summary: (book excerpt)
    "We use the word "love" all the time. But do we really know what that means? Jesus laid down His life on the cross for us. Do you know what that means!? He gave up His life so we could know what real life, and what real love is all about. The best way we can show His love to others is by giving of ourselves for them. How are you "laying down your life" for the people around you?"

    Joe McArthur