LlamaDown: A Llama Countdown

LlamaDown: A Llama Countdown

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A llama-themed trivia resource in a variety of formats! Includes a five-minute video countdown!


It's trivia! It's a countdown! It's llamas!

Gaze upon the wonderous glory that is LlamaDown!

Play the trivia as a table game, promote your llama-themed event on social, or just have it on in the background before things start! No matter how you want to use these 10 True/False questions, you have the content formatted for you with still images, individual videos, and Instagram Stories!

If this resource doesn't do the trick, then Alpaca my bags and go home! (Okay, I know that was a stretch. But I did puns for my last two animal countdowns, so it's tradition)

This resource includes: 

  • 5-minute countdown video with and without music (mp4 files)
  • Individual (10 Q&A + title) game videos with music (mp4 files)
  • Individual (10 Q&A + blanks) game slides (jpg files)
  • Instagram Story (10 Q&A + title) game videos with music (mp4 files)
  • Q&A cheat sheet with bonus info (pdf file)

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About this Product
Don't use all the questions at once on Instagram; use three questions at a time and make it last all weekend!
Isaac Sutton

Isaac Sutton

Isaac is a freelance video editor who loves God and youth pastors! You can see some of his non-DYM work at www.isaacsuttonreel.com