Live It Out: A Bible Miniseries

Live It Out: A Bible Miniseries

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A two-week series to help students unpack God’s Word, and put it into practice in their lives.


Reading the Bible can be tricky for students. It’s full of impressive-sounding spiritual words and phrases, but students may not know accurate definitions or have full understanding of what these words mean. And this lack of understanding can create a disconnect, preventing them from living out the Bible’s principles. Following this two-week series, your students with a deeper understanding of a handful of the big spiritual words, plus the challenge of how they can put the Bible in to action in their lives.

Week 1: Words with God: A defining look at the concepts of:
• sin
• atonement
• asking Jesus into your heart
• being born again
• spiritual warfare
• sanctification
• amen

Week 2: Living the Bible: A look at how living out the Bible in one’s life can be boiled down to loving God and loving others, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete message manuscripts for both weeks (Word files)

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Taylor Bird