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List Blitz is an all-play word game that requires teamwork, creative thinking, and quick wits.


List Blitz is an all-play game that requires teamwork, creative thinking, and quick wits. 

• Divide teams into small groups and give each team a writing utensil and something to write on (e.g., a notebook, small whiteboard, or stack of Post-it notes). 

• Find a way to mark off five lines from the back of the room to the front using cones, masking tape, chairs, etc.  

• All teams start on the back line and move forward one line each time they score a point. (If you're tight on space, see the alternate scoring options below.) 

• Each round teams will be given a letter and a list of categories. 

• Teams will race to write down answers for each category that begin with the chosen letter.  

• When a team completes the full list they must have everyone on the team raise their hands. 

• Have the team read all their answers. If all their answers make sense, the team moves forward one line. If the answers aren’t up to snuff allow another team to answer. 

• The winner is the first team to reach the last line OR the team that is closest to the last line when the game ends. 

Alternate Scoring Options: 
Don’t want to use lines or don’t have space for teams to move around? Just award points and have a leader keep score instead. 
Want to get more teams involved? Allow the top 2-3 teams to share their answers and score points each round. 

Do you want to punish low-effort teams who are giving bad answers or raising their hands before they are done writing answers? Send teams back a line (remove a point). 

Alternate Game Modes: 
Make it an up-front game with two players going head-to-head each round. 

You can make it harder by mixing up the letters or choosing your own letters. The letters provided are guaranteed to have a handful of answers for each category. By mixing up the letters, you may make the game significantly harder.

This Resource Includes:

  • Complete PowerPoint game file
  • Individual (11 Q&A + instructions) game slides (jpeg files)
  • Title slide (jpeg file)
  • Blank slide to create your lists (jpeg file)
  • Gameplay instructions (Word file)


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Feel free to give teams bonus points for creative answers and don't be afraid to take away points for low-effort answers or cheating teams.
Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker

I'm a Youth Pastor from the Metro Detroit area. Proud member of the Westside Youth Workers Network in SE Michigan.