Lifeline: The Importance Of God's Word To Gain Wisdom

Lifeline: The Importance Of God's Word To Gain Wisdom

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A three-week series on the Bible through the book of Proverbs. It answers the questions: 1. Why do we need the Bible? 2. Why can we trust the Bible's original documents? 3. How do we read it?


Lifeline is an important three-week introduction to the Bible using the book of Proverbs. It implores students to see that the Bible is not just for emergencies, but it is their daily lifeline to wisdom, truth, and hope. God’s ways lead to our fullest life! This series will also equip students to see that biblical documents are reliable and equip them with the tools to read and interpret the Bible accurately and practically.

Weekly Breakdown:
Week 1: God’s Word Is Your Lifeline
This is a persuasive introduction to why the Bible is our lifeline.  We need wisdom from God to flourish. The Bible will remind us of God’s faithfulness and show us how to walk on the wise and not the foolish path.

Week 2: The Bible is Reliable
Most students do not know how we got the Bible or why its original documents are trustworthy. This week is highly apologetic in nature—training students to know the most common fallacies that will be fed to them about the Bible from non-Christians and how to counter them. It is a first exposure to how the canon of Scripture came together and closed, how we can trust the oral nature of the Gospel accounts, and why the Bible is God’s Word—both inerrant and infallible. 

Week 3: Get In God’s Word
This week focuses on the discipline and action of studying, meditating, and applying God’s Word to students’ personal lives. It’s super practical, giving tips to get started and to understand what they are reading.

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This Resource Includes:

  • Complete message manuscript for each week (Word files)
  • PowerPoint presentation for each week
  • Student handouts for each week (Word & pdf files)
  • Small group guide for each week (Word files)
  • Games for each week (Word file and jpeg graphics)
  • Social media plan (Word file)
  • Graphics (Title, Blank, Social Media) (jpeg files)

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I have a "Day & Night" Devotional in the DYM store through the book of Proverbs that would be great to use during this series!
Sabrina Hadro

Sabrina Hadro

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