Letters for Ministry

Letters for Ministry

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Twenty sample letters for all kinds of purposes in youth ministry.


This resource contains 20 actual letters, including invitations, references, college references, adult job references, apology letters, and resignation letters. There are also age-specific encouragement letters for 6th, 9th, 12th and college freshmen.

In the truest form of DYM—these are trench-tested actual letters that you can use as a starting point that will save you tons of time. No longer starring at a blank screen thinking, “Where do I start, what should I say?” Start here, use as is… or edit for your specific audience.

This Resource Includes:
• 20 Word Documents

1. 6th Grade Invite letter
2. 9th Grade Invite Letter
3. 12th Grade Encouragement Letter
4. Adult Job Recommendation Letter
5. Adult Reference Letter
6. College Reference Letter
7. College Study Abroad Reference Letter
8. College, 1st Year Encouragement Letter
9. Discipleship Class Invite Letter
10. Student Work Reference Letter
11. Masters Recommendation Letter
12. New Family Welcome Letter
13. Parent Apology Letter
14. Parent Discipleship Class Info Letter
15. Parent Relationship Teaching Series Letter
16. Resignation Letter
17. Student Apology Letter
18. Student Baptism Invite Letter
19. Student Scholarship Letter
20. Young Adult Small Group Invite Letter

Make your job easier by not having to recreate everyday letters in youth ministry.


W. David Winner

Dave spent 20 years working in the church and now serves the church through consulting and teaching at different Christian universities.