Leader Training: Justification

Leader Training: Justification

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A one-day (fully loaded) training, teaching your leadership teams this important Doctrine.


Arguably one of the most important and foundational doctrines of the Christian faith is justification. It’s one which is crucial for our student leaders and volunteers to know well.

This one-day training resource gives you six editable training tools needed to run a rejuvenating and educational training for any of your leadership teams.

Included in this Resource:
1) Resource Overview: provides a broad overview of the resource as a whole and how to use each training tool.
2) Leader Preparation.docx: a study resource helping you dust off the cobwebs as you spend time studying to teach this training.
3) Training Guide.docx: an in-depth (editable) teaching script you’ll use to guide your leaders through this interactive training.
4) Training Handout.docx & pdf: an interactive, fill-in-the-blank, worksheet leaders will use as you teach through the Training Guide that will give them an actual picture of what justification is.
5) Training Handout Key.docx: an answer key with all the fill-in-the-blanks needed to walk leaders through the Training Handout.
6) Reflection Exercise.docx: a one-page exercise for your leaders, giving them direction and space to reflect, meditate, and pray over what they just learned.
7) Training Schedule.docx: an editable full day training agenda to use as a template for how to schedule the training day.


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