Lamentations: How to Grieve

Lamentations: How to Grieve

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Using ancient poetry from the book of Lamentations, in this 3-week series, teach students how to grieve while exploring God's judgement, compassion and sovereignty.


Lamentations is a collection of five ancient poems that the Israelites would recite together as part of their grieving process. Students will learn some great principles for handling their grief today and ways to process it in a healthy, God-honoring way. Through the themes of God's judgement, compassion, and sovereignty. students will find hope in their deepest suffering.

This is a complete three-week teaching resource that would work great as a sermon series for students, college-age students or even the church at large.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete message manuscripts (Word files)
• PowerPoint presentation file for each message
• Student handouts - blank and filled-in (Word files)
• Series graphics (jpeg files)
• Resources and sources document (Word file)


Matthew McNutt

Matthew is a youth pastor, speaker, author, Star Trek nerd, and Pac-Man warrior.