Know It or Throw It: Sweetheart Edition

Know It or Throw It: Sweetheart Edition

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A love-themed trivia game in the Know it or Throw it series.
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We’ve added another “Know It or Throw It” game to the series, but this time, it’s all about love!

This is a simple and fun game for almost any sized youth group. This game rewards the knowledgeable (in the case of a correct answer)—AND the casual observer (in the case of an incorrect answer)!

Here’s how you play:
• Bring a student (or a bunch of students) up to the front to play. 
• Give the student a piece of Valentine’s candy.
• If they get the answer right, they keep the candy. 
• If they get the answer wrong, they throw the candy into the audience.

This Resource Includes:
• Ten gameplay slides (question and answer)
• Title Slide
• Instructions Slide
• PowerPoint File (editable)


Ken Mcintyre