Know it or Throw it: March Madness Edition

Know it or Throw it: March Madness Edition

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Let the March Madness begin… at youth group! Enjoyable for students with any level of basketball knowledge.


Get into the spirit of the NCAA tournament with this crowd-pleasing game! This trivia-based, screen game challenges students with the NCAA men’s basketball questions. The best part is that, even a student with no knowledge of (or interest in) this tournament has a 50/50 shot at every question.

Here’s how you play:

    • Bring a student (or a bunch of students) up to the front to play.
    • Give the student a prize.
    • If they get the answer right, they keep the prize.
    • If they get the answer wrong, they throw the prize into the audience.

Pro Tip: Don’t give the student a prize to throw that could hurt someone in the audience. One time we used a gift card and they ninja-starred it right into an 8th grade girl’s eye!

This resource includes:

    • JPEG Slides (1920px x 1080px)
o Title Slide o Instructional o 10 gameplay slides
    • PowerPoint File (Editable)
    • A word document outlining multiple ways to play the game

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Ken Mcintyre