Know it or Throw it: 80's Edition

Know it or Throw it: 80's Edition

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A simple and fun screen-based trivia game that rewards the knowledgeable and the casual observer.


We've added another "Know It or Throw It" game to the series, but this time, it's all about the 80's! This is a simple and fun game for almost any sized youth group. This game rewards the knowledgeable (in the case of a correct answer)-AND the casual observer (in the case of an incorrect answer)!

Here's how you play:
- Bring a student (or a bunch of students) up to the front to play
- Hand the student some sort of prize that they can keep or throw into the audience
- If they get the answer right, they keep the prize
- they get the answer wrong, they throw the prize into the audience.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete PowerPoint file (editable)
• Individual (10 Q&A) game slides (jpeg files @ 1920 x 1080)
• Title Slide (jpeg file)


Ken Mcintyre