Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes

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A one-off message that focuses on choosing the Savior over substance abuse.


In this one-off message you will shares 3 reasons why God wants us to avoid anything that harms or alters the mind and body God has given us from Ephesians 5:15-18. You'll illustrate each point with a snapshot of Daniel's life. This isn't a spewing a bunch of stats and ranting about drugs talk. Our goal is to not fight against culture but to point to a better culture that can only be found in Jesus. So instead of our message being "just say no" to drugs, it is “just say yes” to Jesus.

This is an important message that treads lightly on a sensitive topic but offers hope to every student no matter where they are at.


    • Complete editable message manuscript (2800 word count Word file)
    • 4 humor photos that could work in the message

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Ryan Jantz