Is There a Pumpkin Volume 2

Is There a Pumpkin Volume 2

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In Volume 2 of this Sidekick 'Pixelate' screen game, test your students' photo-deciphering skills by trying to decide if the pixelated images will reveal a pumpkin!


Welcome to Volume 2! This fun fall game asks a simple question: when the picture is uncovered, will you find a pumpkin? The Sidekick game consists of ten pixelated images (plus a bonus tiebreaker image!) that can be used in any presentation program. You can also use the included Sidekick file to choose your own level of pixelation!

Play it as an upfront game between two students, or as a crowd game with everyone! The answers are yes or no, so either divide the room in half and have them run from side to side to indicate their answer. Or, simply have them put their hands on their head for yes and their hips for no. Students who guess wrong are out and the rest continue onto the next round!

This Resource Includes:

  • Sidekick 'Pixelate' file
  • Title and background slides (jpeg files)
  • Source pictures (jpeg files)


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Aaron McMillian