Is That Hot Sauce Real?

Is That Hot Sauce Real?

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Are you ready to try the hottest hot sauces in the world? Just kidding, but your students can instead try their luck in guessing which hot sauces are real in this fun screen game! Hot sauce brands are known for their creative names, and your students won't believe some of these hot sauces exist. This game will for sure spice things up and get your students laughing!


Not many of us can tolerate the hottest hot sauces. Thankfully, this game doesn't require a strong stomach!

In this screen game, a name of a hot sauce will be displayed. Your students have to guess if that hot sauce is an actual hot sauce you can buy or a name that's totally made up. You'll be surprised by the names of some of these hot sauces that actually exist. 

To make this game engaging for the entire room, get all your students to stand up and go to the middle of the room. For each round of hot sauces, you can have them go to the left side of the room if they think the hot sauce is real or the right if they think not. Then, reveal the answer and see which side got it right.

This Resource Includes:

  • Complete PowerPoint game file
  • Individual (12 Q&A + instructions) game slides (jpeg files)
  • Title slide (jpeg file)


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The nature of this game leaves room for a lot of variety. You can play it with the entire crowd, with your students seated, or even bring a few up on stage. This is also a fun game where you can ask your students if they would try some of these hot sauces. Take it a step further, if students get a round wrong, maybe have some hot sauce on standby as a punishment!