Is Kanye Smiling?

Is Kanye Smiling?

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The world may never know.


Let's face it, everyone has wondered what it would be like to be Kanye's friend. But how can you be someone's friend if you don't even know when they're smiling?

In this game, it'll be up to your students to decipher whether or not Kanye is smiling. t's simple... students will see a picture of Kanye's eyes and choose whether or not he's smiling.

You can play it Trivia Style with students on stage, or group style by "If you think he's smiling, break dance, if you don't think he is, line dance."

Download instrumental versions of Kanye songs to play in the background (still listen to them all the way through, though!) No doubt a win for your ministry.

This Resource Includes:
• 10 Question and Answer Slides
• Title Slide


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