Into the Wilderness

Into the Wilderness

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Wilderness journeys in Scripture represent trials and difficult times. In this three-week series, students will discover that those in wilderness experiences often overcome them because God brings them through.


“Into the Wilderness” is a three-week series containing stories in the Bible of people who went into the wilderness and overcame the challenges they found there. "Wilderness" can be defined as a position of disfavor or an uncultivated region. These stories will help students to overcome when they find themselves going through wilderness experiences. Topics covered are temptation, running away from God, and how God reveals Himself in our life struggles.

This Resource Includes:

  • Complete manuscript for each week (Word files)
  • Small group guide for each week (Word files)
  • Graphics package with presentation slides and social images (jpeg and psd files)

Ben Lock

Ben is husband, dad, campus minister, and author! He loves backpacking, adventuring, photography, and graphic design. Basically, getting to see the creative beauty of Jesus and then getting to be creative.