Incident Reports

Incident Reports

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Six forms to ease communication when sticky situations arise


It's impossible to expect the unexpected, but we can be prepared for accidents, property damage, injuries, and major discipline problems. Accidents can be a huge distraction for a ministry! So don't let them linger long! Minimize the damage by creating detailed reports and follow up plans.

This Resource Includes:
• Incident Report (Discipline, Personal Injury, Intervention, Property Damage)
• How to use Incident Report's in your ministry
• Medical, Liability, and Travel Release
• Expenses and Reimbursement Report

All of these documents are easy to use "As is" or customize for your unique ministry. 99.99% of all rookie youth workers feel like this kind of resource is a waste of time-until a little mayhem hits their ministry. Don't be caught unprepared!

As a bonus, just think of how impressed your parents and elders will be when you have a report following up a difficult situation!


Cassandra Smith