In Touch With Your Emojis Bundle

In Touch With Your Emojis Bundle

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All 3 volumes of the game In Touch With Your Emojis!


Are you the sensitive type? Or do you suppress your feelings deep deep down where no one can ever tell whether you're smiling or frowning or maybe just constipated? Well none of that really matters while playing IN TOUCH WITH YOUR EMOJIS! How well can you identify a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE solely on interpreting emojis?

Are you thinking to yourself, "YES! I knew I minored in Egyptian hieroglyphs for a reason!" Well,

A. Get a life.

2. Let's be real, nobody minored in anything useful. I'm talking to you Italian Literature.

D. Get ready for a super fun game to play with your youth group!

Some are easy, others are going to have you scratching your head as you close your eyes and say, "Ahhh I know this!"

Get all three volumes in this bundle!

DYM Team

DYM Team

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