Impostors Game

Impostors Game

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A clever spin on the popular game "Among Us" that will challenge your students to compete in an upfront contestant style trivia game with impostors in their midst who are trying to sabotage their success. Involve the whole audience when they vote to guess who the impostors are (think Mafia style)!


A clever spin on the popular game "Among Us"!

Greetings intergalactic space crew!

You are on your way to the Planet Zelton 5, where you will work on harvesting lunar crystals. In order to power your spaceship, you must work together to get the right answers to questions.

However, THERE IS AN IMPOSTOR IN YOUR MIDST! They are trying to keep you from getting to Zelton 5. They will do their best to sabotage you by getting answers incorrect without getting caught! Your mission: answer the questions and discover the impostors!




Select 10 contestants to come forward and stand in a line. Give each person a card that they don’t show to anyone else. There are 8 crew and 2 impostors. They must work together to answer questions and perform tasks in order to earn points.


The impostors win if they outnumber the crew at any point in time or if the crew reaches 10,000 points. The crew wins if they identify the impostors and blast them out of the airlock, or if they reach 10,000 points.


This Resource Includes: 

  • Impostors Title Slide and Blank slide (jpg)
  • Instructions, Questions & Answers (Word Doc)
  • Gamecards (pdf)
  • 6 Category Videos
    • Know or Go
    • Spell Check
    • Team Answer
    • Team Spell Check 
    • Time Trial
    • Vote
  • 6 Transitional Videos (mp4)
    • Bumper
    • Instructions
    • Emergency Meeting Short
    • Emergency Vote Countdown
    • Winner
    • You Lose




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