Impossible 4 Corner Trivia

Impossible 4 Corner Trivia

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An impossible trivia question screen game where students must move around the room to get the answer WRONG... or else.


Impossible 4 Corner Trivia is a game designed to get the whole room moving. Before the game starts, clearly mark corners A, B, C, and D in your room. When a question is addressed, give students 10 seconds to move to which corner of the room possesses the INCORRECT answer. That's right... they want to get it WRONG. If they answer CORRECTLY, they are out.

It's simple and exciting, as the answers to these questions are nearly impossible to know off the top of your students' heads. They will be questioning themselves the whole time. And what's better than making students less confident in their decision making abilities? Not much :) Kidding. If you are halfway through and need to knock a lot of students out, switch things up and make them answer CORRECTLY to advance.

What’s included:

    • Complete PowerPoint game file
    • 10 Individual game slides (jpeg files)

Adam is the creator of DYM’s popular game Is Kanye Smiling? and if your group hasn’t played it yet, you can find it here:


Adam Knowles