IMPACT Student Leadership Program

IMPACT Student Leadership Program

GOLD members pay $3.25
Through this student leadership program, unleash your students to be the church of today.


Impact student leadership is a two-tier leadership program (Impact Student Leadership and Impact Serve) that helps your ministry challenge students who are committed to your ministry and want to take a step forward by serving as a student leader in your ministry.

Students retain what they are able to put into practice. This leadership program gives students the ability to put into practice what they are learning about leadership by leading students in “Impact Serve.”

This resource provides you with the tools to challenge students who are committed, while also giving students who just want to serve an opportunity to do so as well.

My prayer is that any student who becomes a part of Impact gains these four things at the end of their high school career.

  1. A relationship with God that doesn’t put Him at the top, but in the center of the student’s life, where He influences and leads them in every area.
  2. An understanding of the gospel that helps them share it with simplicity.
  3. A community that gives them lifelong brothers and sisters in the faith.
  4. The confidence to continue leading by serving.

This Resource Includes:
• Program Guide: What the leadership program is about, mission statement, code of conduct, requirements, how students enroll, job description (8 pages) (Word file)
• Student leadership interview guide: Eight interview questions (2 pages) (Word file)
• Student leadership calendar/schedule: Expectations and Meeting Times (Word file)


Aaron (AC) Crumbey