Humans Vs Zombies

Humans Vs Zombies

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Zombies are all the rage! Take advantage of the outbreak to have an awesome outreach event!
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There is an outbreak! Zombies have taken over and you can take advantage of the excitement with this fantastic outreach event.

Invite students and their friends to attend a late night outreach event they will still be talking about next year! Have them dress as zombies, bring nerf guns, bring every friend they have, and get prepared for an exciting night.

If your church doesn’t “do” zombies, just change the terminology/focus to suit your own situation, so you might choose to play “saints vs sinners,” or “democrats vs republicans,” or “Presbyterians vs Baptists.” The gameplay options will still work with a change in terminology.

This Resource Includes:
• A general overview of the event with helpful links and insight.
• 3 different gameplay options.
• Graphics for slides
• Social Media promo and ideas
• Print material for flyers

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Ken Leslie