How Well Do You Know Your Dad?

How Well Do You Know Your Dad?

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A hilarious and heartwarming gameshow where kids are tested how well they know their dads!


This game show is the perfect blend of humor and heart--even more perfect around Father's Day! It not only gives kids a glimpse into the lives of their dads, it tests them how well they know them.

The game is simple—it just requires you contacting a handful of dads (four is optimum) the week prior and secretly asking them questions. Kids will then be asked those same questions to see exactly how well they know their dad!

Optional Fun Twist:You can do a “bring your parents” night so that the dads are there to see the competition and interact afterwards!

Come game time, bring the four kids up front who had their dads interviewed. It’s best when the kids didn’t even know their dads had been contacted. Intro it like this:

“This week we got on the phone with some of your dads and asked them some questions—things you should know about your dad. We’ve documented these answers and now we’re going to bring four of you up here and see how well you know your dad! So let’s welcome to the stage…”

SLIDESHOW PREP: We are providing you with slides for each question asked and blank slides that you can use as a background and fill in the answers each dad gives you.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete PowerPoint game file (editable)
• 6 question gameplay slides
• Title Slide
• Source Font


Jonathan McKee