How to Lead Your Peers And Influence People

How to Lead Your Peers And Influence People

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A 6-week series on six key qualities students need to lead their friends closer to God.


This is a six-week series (or a one-hour workshop) that describes six fundamental characteristics of someone who is able to effectively lead and influence others. This series is designed to help all students, regardless of personality type, learn practical ideas they can apply to their lives, which will help them live out their faith and influence others toward God (rather than being influenced away from God).

This Resource Includes:
• Six word-for-word sermon manuscripts
• Six PowerPoint slideshows
• Six sets of small-group discussion questions for students
• Six sets of family-devotional discussion questions to take home.
• One "All Together" talk, where all six parts are summarized into one hour-long talk (good for a camp workshop, weekend retreat, etc.)


Matthew Erickson