How to Be a Bad Friend

How to Be a Bad Friend

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A 4-week series that uses some reverse psychology and sarcasm to teach students about true, Christ-centered friendship.


Editor note: This is a legitimately funny series that I think would be memorable for students to hear. It's also very well-written. Overall, a unique and creative series.

What does it mean to be a good friend? Perhaps the best way to figure out the answer to that question is to look at what makes a bad friend, and then do the exact opposite! In this four-week series, a combination of Scripture and reverse-psychology sarcasm is used to look at four real ways the typical teen fails their friend.

Week 1 - Not Being Present
Week 2 - Tearing Others Down With Your Words
Week 3 - Lead Them to Make Bad Decisions
Week 4 - Don't Tell Them About Christ

This Resource Includes:
• Four complete, word-for-word message transcripts
• Small group questions for each week
• Graphics for screens
• Weekly social media supplements


Kyle Creel

Next Generation Pastor, Content Creator, Podcast Co-Host, and All Around Nerd