Hottest Toys Of The Years

Hottest Toys Of The Years

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Can your students guess what were the hottest toys of years past? Put their toy knowledge to the test in this Sidekick 'Trivia' game!


This Sidekick 'Trivia' Christmas-themed game allows kids to test their knowledge of popular toys (or lack of).  It can be played as an all-play with students in their seats, a 1 player up-front game, or a 2 player contestant style up-front game.

Games like this are perfect for helping students feel comfortable in the environment and will hopefully show them that they can have fun in church.

This Resource Includes:

  • Sidekick 'Trivia' game file
  • Title & background slides (jpeg files)


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Playing upbeat Christmas music and having a great game MC will only heighten the effectiveness of this game!

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