Him vs. Her

Him vs. Her

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A question is posed and students have to decide if the answer is “him” or “her”.


Whose farts smell better, his or hers? Have fun with your students in this 15-question, battle of the sexes type screen-game.

Here are some suggestions for different ways to play this game with your students. Choose the gameplay version that will work best in your context.

• Individual Score sheet: give each student (or group of students) a golf pencil and a score sheet to answer on their own as the game progresses.
• This or That: have all your students stand. If they think the answer is “Him” students move to the right side of the room. If they think it’s “Her”, they move to the left side. It’s an easy way to get people moving and involved.
• Head-to-Head: have two students (or groups) face off at the front of the room. Have competing students stand face to face with their hands behind their back. Place a buzzer in front of the competing students on a table or stand. The first student to hit the buzzer guesses first.
• Auction: print “Him” on one side of a piece of paper and “Her” on the other side, then give one to every student. Students lift the side of the paper that they think is right.
• Text poll: to get the whole crowd involved, you can use a service like Poll Everywhere and have the students vote in the answer.

Here’s what’s included:
• JPEG Slides (1920px x 1080px)
o Title Slide
o Instructions Slide
o Fifteen gameplay slides (question and answer)
• PowerPoint File (editable)

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Ken Mcintyre