Hillsong or Love Song

Hillsong or Love Song

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Is the it "Oceans" or Adele? "Tell the World" or Taylor Swift?


Love Song or Worship Song is back to honor one of the worship industry’s GOATs, Hillsong. You’ll laugh and cringe as you realize that the differences between Hillsong and Britney Spears might not be as clear as you thought. This game features lyrics from artists like Adele, Maroon 5, John Legend, and more!

-Show lyric slide
-Have audience guess if it is a Hillsong song or a love song
-If they think it is a Hillsong song, have them raise their hands like they are belting Oceans at the top of their lungs!
-If they think it is a love song, have them cross their arms across their chest like they are holding their bae close.
-If they get it wrong, they have a seat!
-Game goes until there is only one standing.
-NOTE: If it gets down to 2 contestants, they HAVE to pick different answers. The first to lock their answer gets to keep it!

This Resource Includes:
-25 JPG Game Slides (1 Title + 12 Questions)
-1 Powerpoint Presentation
-Sample Slides


Colton Harker