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Here's Your Sign is a one-off message about actively looking for the work of God around us, and listening for the whisper of God to us.


The Pharisees and Jesus' disciples found themselves on the tail end of a miracle. Jesus had just taken seven slices of bread and fed over 4,000 people with it! Anyone would marvel at this feat, and yet neither the Pharisees nor the disciples seem to recognize the significance, at least not fully. 

The Pharisees responded to this miracle by approaching Jesus and demanding yet another sign. The disciples responded to this miracle by arguing about what they are going to pick up for dinner on the way home. 

Here's the issue: The Pharisees were unwilling to see what Jesus was doing, and the disciples were too distracted to see what Jesus was doing. This is why Jesus' work and words soared right over their heads.

This seeing problem still plagues our students (and us) today. Whether they identify more with the Pharisees' unbelief or the disciples' distraction, students all miss out on the ways God is working in and around them daily. But maybe they don't need another sign or an audible voice to boom from heaven. Maybe they just need to open their eyes to see God's work and open their ears to hear God whispering, "Here's your sign." 

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This Resource Includes:

  • Complete message manuscript (Word file)
  • Small group guide (Word file)
  • Graphics package including title slide, background slide, blank message slide, message slide samples, Instagram title slide, Instagram background slide (jpeg files)
  • Intro activity slides (jpeg files)
  • Three slides to use during the message (jpeg files)
  • An Amazon WishList for additional supplies


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