Hashtag Battle 2

Hashtag Battle 2

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This sequel is like #ESB to #Starwars


Hashtag Battle 2 is the sequel to the original Hashtag Battle game. If you are familiar with the original, then there's not much left to say.

In the words of Kevin McCallister...

Hashtag Battle 2 brings you a brand new set of question and answer slides. Each question slide shows two hashtags, and players must guess which one has been used more times on Instagram. It's quite simple, yet very entertaining.

These particular 13 matchups cover a variety of topics and will have your crowd laughing and guessing their way to victory or defeat.

#thuglife vs. #zombies? #obama vs. #spongebob? Do you know which hashtags are used most often on Instagram? #goodluck

I really hope you enjoy this game. I make games that I know my students will love, and I really believe your group will love it also. Hashtag Battle is one of my all-time favorite games to play with my students, and the value can go beyond just laughter. There are so many spiritual connection points with the topic of social media (identity, pride, friendship, worth, etc.). I find myself addressing our social media culture A LOT when I'm teaching students. If this game helps your group have a few laughs before jumping into a serious discussion, that's awesome! Enjoy it!

With any game like this, you have the choice of revealing the answers after each slide, or revealing them all at the end. It is recommended that you go one slide at a time for this game. You might have a few smart students who realize they can look up the answers by searching on Instagram, so you don't want to leave enough time for that. Have fun!

Make sure to check out the ORIGINAL Hashtag Battle, or some of my other games like Color Chaos and Don't Believe the Internet. My students and I have a blast playing these games. Hope you enjoy them as well!

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David Hughes