Halloween Spooky 3-Game Bundle

Halloween Spooky 3-Game Bundle

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A 3-game bundle perfect for the month of October! Jokes, bones, and pies in the face.


Get 3 games perfect for Halloween in this bundle!

1) Bones:

What's more perfect for Halloween than a game about Bones? When you think of Halloween, you think of skeletons, right? And what are skeletons made of?  Bones!

In this screen game, have students decide between two choices on the screen of which is the real name of a human bone.

These games work well because they are universal.  Any student who walks into your youth ministry can understand the concept and feel a part of the game.
This is huge in youth ministry!

2) Bad Joke Battle Halloween Edition: 

Bad Joke Battle Halloween Edition is a screen-based game that will work perfectly leading up to Halloween and/or for a Halloween-themed evening in-person or over zoom.

Here’s how the game works: students are given two bad Halloween-themed jokes. They must choose the side of the room of the bad joke they like the most.

Look through the preview slides to get a sense of the game. It will get your students laughing and cringing all at the same time.

3) Halloween Roulette: 

This game is designed as an up-front game. The idea is to have everything you need already up on the stage when the contestant comes up to play. 

• A bag/box of candy, candy bar, or a bag of various sweet treats
• A whipped cream pie in a foil tin.
• One or two dice (use multiple and sanitize)
• Plastic tarp on the stage for easy clean-up
• Garbage bag or plastic poncho for the contestant to put on (1 per contestant)
• Towels and wipes for fast and easy clean-up of the participant (if needed)

    1. Choose a (willing) contestant
    2. Have them put on the poncho/garbage bag
    3. In front of them will be a candy treat, a whipped cream pie, and dice.
    4. Explain to them that they must roll the dice that is in front of them. If they roll an even number, they take the candy treat and go and sit back down. If they roll an odd number, they must pick up the foil tray with the whipped cream pie and pie themselves in the face.
    5. Clean up and sanitize before the next contestant comes up.
    6. Play upbeat music in the background. Reveal on the screen the Trick or Treat slide which corresponds to the number rolled with the dice.

This Resource Includes:

  • Three games: Bones, Halloween Roulette, and Bad Joke Battle Halloween Edition
    • Bones: 
      • Complete PowerPoint game file
      • Individual (10 Q&A +instructions + tiebreaker) game slides (jpeg files)
      • Title slide (jpeg file)
    • Bad Joke Battle Halloween Edition: 
      • Complete PowerPoint game file
      • Individual (10 rounds + instructions) game slides (jpeg files)
      • Title slide (jpeg file)
    • Halloween Roulette: 
      • Complete PowerPoint game file
      • Individual game slides (jpeg files)
      • Title slide (jpeg file)

Note from Author

About this Product
Jokes: Have a good host on the mic that can really play off the 'badness' of the jokes and get students laughing. Roulette: Be wise and only choose students that are out-going and won't have anxiety if they have to pie themselves in front of everyone. Bones: Have a mega-sized candy bag ready for the winner of this game.
Matt Baker

Matt Baker

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