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A 3-week small group curriculum about a little-known minor prophet named Habakkuk and his relevance for us today.


When asked about the Old Testament book of Habakkuk, it's not uncommon to hear a student, who has grown up in the Church, respond with "Habakk who?" And let's be honest, most us even are dumbfounded on what Habakkuk is all about. But when we dive into this small OT book, which on the surface seems irrelevant to us, we find some timeless truth that is applicable to the lives of us and our students. This small group curriculum Habakkuk from seemingly complex and irrelevant to simple and applicable.

The desire behind this small group curriculum is this that students would get a better understanding of what the book of Habakkuk is all about, learn why it matters for us today, and apply what they learn to their lives.

The topics of the three weeks are as follows:
Week 1: Habakkuk was Honest with God (Habakkuk 1)
Week 2: God desires justice (Habakkuk 2)
Week 3: Habakkuk places his hope in God (Habakkuk 3)

For each of the three weeks of this resource, you'll find the following:
1. A "big idea" statement that summarizes the week's topic of discussion.
2. A leader note about the discussion with a summary of the passage.
3. Discussion questions related to the passages of Scripture.
4. Discussion questions on why this matters for us today.
5. A prayer exercise.

This Resource Includes:
• Weekly Leader Instructions
• Discussion Questions about the Scriptures
• Discussion Questions about life application
• Scripture References that direct students to passages related to each weekly topic.
• Prayer exercises


David Beavis