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Do your students know how much water is in common foods and drinks? Test their knowledge in this screen game where participants must attempt to correctly guess the percentage of water in the food and drinks displayed.


Water is in everything that we can see around us, but do you know how much?! Can your students guess the percentage of water in common (and not so common) things around them? Let's hope so!

This game is really easy to play and includes two styles of play: Higher or Lower and Trivia. There are 15 questions and answers included, all about the most important substance on Earth.

Includes a gameplay options document and Sidekick file versions ('Presenter' and 'Trivia).

Whether you use H2kn0w as an upfront game, in small groups, or the whole room plays, this game will keep your whole group guessing.

This Resource Includes:
• Gameplay options document (Word file)
• Complete PowerPoint game files (higher/lower and multiple-choice trivia)
• Individual (15 Q&A + instructions) game slides for higher/lower and multiple-choice trivia (jpeg files)
• Sidekick game files ('Presenter' and 'Trivia)
• Title slide (jpeg file)


Kyle Fulks