Guinea Pig Party Game

Guinea Pig Party Game

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A fun trivia-based screen game about our favorite furry potatoes! Includes versions for in-person, Zoom, and Instagram stories!


Guinea Pigs! These little bundles of adorable joy are squeaking barrels of fuzzy fun! They're also one of the more popular pets because of their docile and social nature; it's guaranteed a bunch of your students have had them. This versatile trivia game (11 rounds) is fun for everyone, whether they've had a furry potato or not.

Includes several versions of the game for in-person and online fun; PowerPoint and Sidekick for in person, as well as versions for Instagram stories and Zoom.


This Resource Includes:
• Gameplay instructions (Word file)
• Sidekick 'Presenter' game file
• Complete PowerPoint game file
• Images for Instagram Story version (jpeg files)
• Images for a Zoom version (jpeg files)


Matthew McNutt

Matthew is a youth pastor, speaker, author, Star Trek nerd, and Pac-Man warrior.