Grown Up Children's Stories

Grown Up Children's Stories

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This four-week series takes a fresh look at some familiar children’s stories (Samson and Jonah). We all remember hearing Bible stories as kids. Now it’s time to revisit them and dive deeper into God’s Word!


This is a four-week series that revisits children’s Bible stories that many people have heard. However, some never get past the surface. Each story is broken down into an in-depth view of the entire Biblical passage. Students will go from “milk to meat” as they walk through each verse.

This series is designed to be shared with high energy and passion for God’s Word. Remember sitting on your grandpa’s lap while he told you amazing stories that made your eyes light up? This is the same reaction many have as they hear stories from the Bible for the first time. The goal of this series is to recapture that excitement and get to the heart of the message. 

Week 1: Samson Part 1
Week 2: Samson Part 2
Week 3: Jonah Part 1
Week 4: Jonah Part 2

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This Resource Includes:

  • Series overview (Word file)
  • Complete message manuscript for each week (Word file)
  • Graphics (jpeg files)


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