Grow Book Devotional

Grow Book Devotional

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A six-week devotional journal that digs deep into spiritual growth.


Editor Note: This is the kind of resource that birthed the idea of DYM! Wow… 87 pages of hard work that would have sat on a hard drive if DYM wasn’t around. This is a KILLER resource.

Grow Book is a student's guide to spiritual growth. At the heart of this six-6- week devotional curriculum we seek to answer the question, "How can a student truly experience Jesus' spiritual growth and transformation?”

Often, students (just like adults) look at the process of spiritual growth with great discouragement. Spiritual growth can be confusing, exhausting, and overwhelming, and most students feel as though they should be further along. For many of them, the only two responses to this discouragement are to work harder or give up. But at the end of the day, they still have the same struggles and feel no closer to Jesus. This resource seeks to help students not only connect to Jesus in a compelling way in Small Groups but also to connect them with Jesus (the only true source of growth) in their real lives.

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This Resource includes:
• 6 weeks of content
• Weekly small group discussion guides (each week includes an interactive teaching component, a scripture discussion guide, and a prayer experience)
• 3 student devotionals each week to help students connect with Jesus on their own


Drew Tilton