Grad Texts

Grad Texts

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52 texts for Graduation season and the year to follow.


Every year you graduate out a group of students and wrestle through the level of investment in their lives beyond high school. This pressure is only amplified when you see the new crop of Middle School students you’ve gained.

Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder that you’re there, you care, and you’re praying. Let these 52 (1 for each week of the year) text messages help you accomplish just that! All are “Twitter-friendly” at 140 characters or under.

Set them up for scheduled posts throughout the graduation season and into the first year post-graduation.

Build a group text message on your iPhone and send them out from there. In the process, you will likely get responses back that can generate some discussion and further ministry opportunities.

Load them in and schedule them out on your ministry’s texting system.

Several have tinyurl links. Most link to scriptures on, some link to youtube clips and a couple link to an online image. If sending as a text, any student with a smart phone will be able to click through to view the link.

What’s included:
  • Logo slide
  • .doc file including the copy and paste ready texts and tweets

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    Derry Prenkert

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