Gospel of Mark: 12 Weeks With Jesus

Gospel of Mark: 12 Weeks With Jesus

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This 12-week small group study takes an in-depth look at Jesus in the Gospel of Mark and centers around 2 questions: "Who is Jesus?" and, "Who are we because of Him?"


Editor's note: This is a fantastic resource. It's jam-packed with 12 weeks of content, but every week's lesson is incredibly well done.

Doug's note: So much VALUE! Just the weekly devotional is worth much more than this entire package costs. Thanks Sabrina for giving us so much good content here to work with.

This resource is a 12-week small group study through the Gospel of Mark, centering around two questions:
• Who is Jesus?
• Who are we because of Him?

Along with ready-to-hand-your-volunteers small group lessons, it has all the extras you need to build community among your students, internalize the material, and live it out!

This resource is perfect for stand-alone small groups, Sunday school, a summer Bible study, a mentoring relationship, or if you want to do a guys only/girls only study on the life and ministry of Jesus.

This Resource Includes:
•A Series Overview Document
•12 Small Group Lessons that are both in-depth and ready to give your volunteers. Each one, along with the study, includes TONS of ice breaker ideas, a hands-on activity or handout each week, leader reminders and tips, prayer prompts, and more!
•12 Additional Small Group Guides adapted from the original for middle schoolers. They are shorter and tweaked for them.
•A 12 week devotional with daily Bible readings and 1-2 questions to dig into all the parts of Mark not covered in small group.
•A Comprehensive Graphics package (title slide, weekly squares AND weekly story-sized graphics for social media)
•Weekly Social Media Posts for you to copy and paste with your graphics
•A Student Spiritual Survey
•A Service Project Idea (With Promo Graphics)


Sabrina Hadro

As the super part time youth director at my church in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, I get to bring together the call and gifts the Holy Spirit has given me, alongside of 14 years of youth ministry experience in various church sizes and denominations, to lead a team to share the Gospel with teenagers. My first job is wife and mother to 3 littles under 5 years old (pray for me) and I squeeze in gardening, sharing with DYM, sports, and guitar during nap times!