Gold Membership - Annual

Gold Membership - Annual


Perfect for covering your weekly programming needs, all year! This membership gives you immediate access to Sidekick , plus your choice of games, teachings, graphics, media and more, for one very low price.


When you become a Gold member, you get:

  • Access to Sidekick, the presentation tool designed to help you engage your students every week
  • $20 in your account to shop every month
  • 35% off store prices every day
  • Six NEW, amazing resources every month, including a killer game, video, 30 days worth of creative social media to upload, and more
  • A resource you can easily distribute to your parents every month
  • A student-leadership lesson that you can give 1 student or your Student Leadership Team every month
  • And surprise #goldmemberperks throughout the year!


Yep...that's how good a DYM Gold Membership is. That's why we call it “The Greatest Deal in the History of Youth Ministry!"

What is the DYM Membership?


Important note: $296.89 will be charged to the card on file the day you sign-up, and automatically on that same day each following year.

If you are into fine print, here it is! If you don’t find full value in the DYM Membership, have any questions, or have trouble canceling, you can always contact us at [email protected]. We want to help you win in any way that we can!

DYM Team

DYM Team

Llama-tested, youth ministry approved! Resources by the DYM Team are trench-tested, high-quality, and stand up to the DYM L.L.A.M.A. standards: Looks great, Laughs guaranteed, Actually used in real youth groups, Made with love, And...we ran out of things for the acronym but you get the point.