God-Sized Confidence

God-Sized Confidence

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God-Sized Confidence is a three-week message series with small group guides on living confidently with a foundation, identity, and plan.


Doug's note: Ton of value in this series. Well done. Geared toward college and/or young adult... but, I could easily adapt this to high school.

In interacting with thousands of young adults every year, one key observation is that most young adults (ages 18-28ish) lack the confidence they need to experience the life they hope for.

This three-part series is aimed at helping your young adults and college students to build a solid foundation, grow a secure identity, and live with an intentional plan daily moving them toward the confident life they were meant to live.

Week #1: Building a Solid Foundation
Challenge: Build your life on God through His Word.
Matthew 7:24, 8:23-27

Week #2: Growing a Secure Identity
Challenge: Know God and believe what He says about you.
Matthew 3:13-16, 4:1-11

Week #3: Living an Intentional Plan Daily
Challenge: Live intentionally leaning into confidence builders.
Nehemiah 6:3

This Resource Includes:
• Detailed facilitator's guide with social media promotional plan (Word file)
• Complete (2000+ words) message manuscript for each week (Word files)
• Small group guide for each week (Word files)
• Social media graphics (FB & IG) package (jpeg and png files)
• Themed PowerPoint template
• Presentation slide graphics (jpeg files)


Benjamin Lundquist