God's Word

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One-off message that is a great introduction to Scripture for large group teaching or small group discussion. Use this to challenge students to see, study, and share God’s Word.


Editor's note: I thought this resource was very simple to understand, easy to follow and had an encouraging message. This would be a great resource as a stand-alone sermon or to use in a small group setting to talk more in depth about reading and studying God's Word.


Introduce your students to the foundational concepts they need to understand as they read and study God’s Word. Simple, easy to follow, and encouraging, this resource can be used as a powerful catalyst to start the discussion with your students about Scripture.

The amount and degree of our spiritual growth will always be linked to our relationship with God's Word. This lesson challenges students to begin to see God's Word for what it really is, to study it for all it's worth, and to share it with the world!

This Resource Includes:
• Complete message manuscript (Word file)
• Message graphics (jpeg files)


Adam Brock

Associate Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Lake Charles, LA