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A 5-week series that will help your students light up their world by answering some of the toughest questions they are asking.


The series is based on John's writing—primarily the Gospel of John. It covers some of students' toughest questions, like: does God see my struggles? Does my story matter? And is Jesus the only way to Heaven? This series will help you share the gospel with your group, and help you take the first step in creating an evangelism culture among your students. You'll teach your students how to glow in an increasingly dark world. When we start asking our tough questions and engaging with faith on our own, we begin to glow in the dark.

This series includes space for you to share parts of your faith journey. Each teaching script has a small group guide to go with it.

This resource was originally created for camp. After seeing how students responded to it at camp, I chose to edit it and teach it at home. This could make a great 5-week series or could easily be used over the course of a long retreat weekend or camp.

Primary Bible Passages Used:
John 3:1–4, 16–21
John 6:7–9, 14–21
John 9:1–13
John 1:1–5, 14
John 17:20–24
John 18:1–4
John 18:15–18
John 19:18–34
1 John 1:1–10

This Resource Includes:
• 5 Teaching manuscripts (Word)
• 5 Small Group Guides (Word)


Jake Schneiderhan