Glimpse Into the Future

Glimpse Into the Future

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In this Sidekick 'Pick Me' discussion starter, students will be given a topic to describe, 20 years in the future.


This is a creative conversation starter!

Simply let the picker decide a topic and give the students 30 seconds to come up with a creative future look. Either have the group come up with one future description to share with the entire crowd, or simply have them each answer it within their group.

For example:
• Facebook will finally...
• Churches will...
• Money will be...

This could be a simple conversation starter with no real winners, or you can randomly assign one of the answers as "correct!" and award crazy points. Even if it seems arbitrary, assigning points can make it even more fun.

This Resource Includes:
• Sidekick 'Pick Me' file with 20 scenarios
• Title slide (jpeg file)
• Blank slide (jpeg file)

Pick Me Intro from Download Youth Ministry on Vimeo.


Ken Leslie