Genuine Faith

Genuine Faith

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Genuine Faith is a 3-week series through Romans 4:1–5:5 that gives students a glimpse of what faith really is.


We talk a lot about faith in church, but sometimes we assume people know exactly what we're talking about. This series, Genuine Faith, gives students a grasp on what these passages tell us about faith, helping them understand what faith does for us and how we can live it out.

Genuine Faith is a three-week study through Romans 4:1–5:5, and is the third part in a complete study through Romans. The three topics are:

-Faith is an Attitude (Romans 4:1–7)
-Faith is Hope (Romans 4:18–25)
-Faith is Access (Romans 5:1–5)

Obviously, this study doesn't cover every aspect of what faith is, because that would take months. But with this study, students will be able to see the value of faith and know why they need to put their faith in Christ.

AS A BONUS, this study comes with the WD-40 PowerPoint game to use during Week 1!

This Resource Includes:
• 3 complete, word-for-word, editable message manuscripts
• 3 PowerPoint presentation files
• Series introduction READ ME file
• Series slides (JPEG files)
• "WD-40: Use It Or Not?" Game


Dustin Slaton