Game of Tones

Game of Tones

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It’s no longer “red” and “yellow”... crayon packages have new names like: “Mellow Yellow” and “Jazzberry Jam” and make for a clever guessing game.


Long ago, in a simpler kingdom, a box of crayons included such trademark colors as “red” and “yellow.” Those days are a distant memory.

Behold, we are living in a time of “Mellow Yellow” and “Jazzberry Jam.” While may seek to return to a simpler time, we can all agree that these outrageous color names are worthy of their own game.

Game of Tones gives your students a chance to guess the actual names of 12 different crayon colors. Each question has three possible options, and your students will have a blast deciphering what is the true color name.

Game package comes with:

  • 12 Question Slides (jpeg)
  • 12 Answer Slides (jpeg)
  • Ready to Use Powerpoint File (.ppt)

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David Hughes